Episode 15

Timebending with the Eclipses

This episode explores this Eclipse Season and the power of portals. This season is marked by the November 30th Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and December 14th’s Total Solar Sagittarius Eclipse. As we move forward into the Great Conjunction, we dive into timebending with Eclipses and the power that you hold. A guided meditation integrates this episode.


This Eclipse Season 08:27

Timebending 54:15

An integration meditation 77:09

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Ra Ma

Ra Ma is an artist, astrologer, alchemical mentor, cosmic high priestess, herbalist, gridkeeper, pilgrimage steward, sound healer, and is the keeper of EarthSeed Temple Arts for the Aquarian Age which includes a budding mystery school.

While earning a BA from Hampshire college, she focused on Paleolithic and Neolithic Goddesses, Interdisciplinary Arts, and Media Criticism. She went on to earn a Post Baccalaureate in Visual Art from SMFA, Reiki Master Certification, numerous yoga certifications, and other credentials in the healing arts. In 2022 she completed her dissertation to receive a MA Cultural Astronomy and Astrology via the Sophia Centre of UWTSD. She has studied the art of starkeeping for over 28 years.

In 2017 she began facilitating global pilgrimages to Egypt, South of France, and England with the prayer of guiding others to fall in love with Nature by simultaneously awakening the powerpoints of Earth through the human body.

She studies regularly with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes and Daoist Priest Jeffrey Yuen. Her beloved mentor Elder Malidoma Somé recently transitioned and his medicine teachings are a wellspring of inspiration for this work.